This is the race information for the 2013 race.  It has not been updated for 2014!

Volunteers are needed and greatly appreciated!

Jobs for volunteers include:
     Early morning glow stick placement
     Aid station workers
     Finish line help
     Course Sweepers

Volunteers will receive a race shirt and all the aid station grub they can eat.

To volunteer, please contact Norm Sheppard.

Thank you to the 2011 volunteers:     Larisa Danis        
                                                              John Drew
                                                              Kristen Evan       
                                                              Kristina Folcik
                                                              Melanie Haber 
                                                              Ben Kissam
                                                              Ellen Marcissin  
                                                              Claire Martin
                                                              Christine Mathieu
                                                              Julie O'Mara 
                                                              Julie O'Mara's son
                                                              Tim Reif 
                                                              Joanie Resnicow
                                                              Jim Robinson
                                                              Charlie Therriault
                                                              Ryan Welts
                                                              Adam Wilcox 
                                                              Miriam Wilcox