See the Friends of the Wapack site for information on the Wapack Trail.  The trail is marked with permanent blazes.  There will not be additional course markings.  The blazes are yellow triangles on trees and rocks, with cairns on bare stone sections.  The Friends of the Wapack publish a useful trail guide.  

The trail is hilly and rocky.  There are many side trails and some spots where the trail crosses, and even follows, roads, so diligent attention to trail markings is necessary.

For those training on the trail:

The Wapack Trail is closed for hiking through the Windblown Cross Country Ski Area during the winter.  You can purchase a ticket at the Windblown office, when they are open, for snowshoeing or skiing the trail.  Hiking during other seasons through Windblown is only allowed on the marked route of the Wapack Trail.  Parking is along the shoulder of Route 123/124 Turnpike Road, between Wapack Road and the Windblown entrance, not on Windblown property.